Church of Our Saviour

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Victory Garden

Bob Putman and Vicki Heinen working in the Victory Garden. The garden produced over 400#'s of corn, red, yellow, and cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, mango peppers, okra, and habanero and japaleno peppers. The produce was raised and donated to Gallatin C.A.R.E.S. to add fresh vegtables to their food pantry which serves Gallatin and Sumner County, you can find out more about Gallatin CARES at their website, In August, Church of Our Saviour began a friendly interfaith FOOD FIGHT! with our neighbor Lambuth United Methodist Church, the month-long competiton required each church to raise, purchase, or produce as much food as possible for those in need in Gallatin and the surrounding area. By the end of August, and depending on which method of accounting you use, Church of Our Saviour was one of the winners! By weight, Lambuth UMC collected 428 pounds compared to CoOS' 395 pounds. However, the contest winner is determined by volume and Our Saviour collected one half of a barrel more! All-in-all, 823#'s of food, or 7 fifty gallon barrels of food, including the fresh produce from the Victory Garden, the garden, a first time venture for Church of Our Saviour came at the collaboration of the minds of Fr. John, Joyce Edwards, Vicki Heinen, Sue Sims, Bessie Ruark, and Ruth Carr. The laborers include Dr. Charles Carr, Pat Highers, Tim Perry, Bob Putman, Suzie Perry, Bob Burnette, Nelda Burnette, Dylan Pottoroff, Courtney Pottoroff, Joellen Miles, Eyan Pottoroff and many others who tilled, planted, pulled weeds, and harvested. The garden remains viable today, and although the fruits and vegetables of summer are gone, the Church of Our Saviour Gardeners have re-sown the garden with turnip greens and are preparing to harvest another crop. Plans for expansion? Plans to continue? You Betcha'! We're farmin' up here in Gallatin.
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